Questions & Answers FAQs of the ACA = Affordable Care Act:

What are the Differences among the ACA, Affordable Care Act, ObamaCare, & RomneyCare?

ACA = Affordable Care Act = ObamaCare

Enrollment: What are my Choices for Signing up for Dental & Medical Insurance?

Online Website - 24/7.Telephone Call Centers - 24/7.In Person - daytime hours.

My Account will be set up for your present & future access to Healthcare.You can Window Shop, too.

Starting Dates: When will my Dental Coverage Start?

Sign up before December 15, 2013, & your Dental Insurance Starts on January 1, 2014.

Sign up before March 31, 2013.If you are later, you pay the Penalty, & you must wait a long time to enroll.

Students: My Parents have Dental Insurance. At what Age do I lose my Dependent Coverage?

When you turn 26 Years Old.

Children: I am Under 18 Years Old. What Dental Insurance can I get?

Essential Health Benefits Law states that Your Medical Health Insurance must also give you Dental Benefits!

Adults: What should I do about Dental Care? offers 5 or 7 Dental Insurance Plans you can purchase at very fair rates.

Discount Dental Plans can give you a 50% Discount or more on your Dental Treatments.

Dr. Lauren Friedman DDS is a Member Dentist of many Dental Discount

Employees: Am I Covered under my Employer's Dental Health Insurance Plan?

Yes or No. Call your HR = Human Resources Office to ask what your Dental Benefits are.

Employers are not required to provide Dental Insurance until 2015.

Retirees: What are my Choices?

Medicare has a Dental Plan with UnitedHealthcare. Medicare itself pays $0 for Dental Treatments.

Disabled: What is Available to me?

Accident Insurance or Employer's Workers Compensation Insurance may offer you some Dental Benefits.

Medi-Cal is an option, but you must first Apply with the DPSS & your Social Worker.

Can I see Any Dentist?

PPO, DPPO, EPO, DEPO Dental Insurance Plans lets you choose Any Dentist inside or outside the Network.

Seeing an In-Network Dentist, you will pay the Least.

Seeing an Out-of-Network Dentist, you will pay the Most.

HMO, DHMO Plans assign you to only one (1) Dentist. You get a Discount & you must pay.Insurer pays $0 for you!

You can change from an HMO to a PPO only once (1 time) a year during Open Enrollment 2 week window.

Dr. Lauren Friedman DDS is a Member Dentist of the PPO DPPO EPO DEPO Dental Insurers.1-310-418-7788

Star Ratings: What happened to the 1* 2* 3* 4* Ratings of the Insurers' Price / Quality / Value?

California dropped the Ratings from the website, since only 4 of the 12 Insurers were accurately evaluated, but will be listed in October 2015.Federal Government will implement the Ratings in due time Nationwide.

CA Office of the Patient Advocate publishes Annual Ratings of many PPO & HMO Plans using 1* 2* 3* 4*.

Dentists Online & Medical Providers Online: Can I search for my Doctor online?

In October 2014, the Insurers did not have updated lists for nor for, so the Online Dentists & Doctors Lists were removed for now.

Tax Credits: How much will the Federal Government pay for me?

If you earn less than 4 times the Poverty Level, the Feds will be paying part of your Insurance Premiums.

Tax Penalties: How much will the Federal Government take from me if I have no Medical Insurance?

Penalty is 1% or $95 in 2014, 2.5% or $365 in 2015, up to 2.5% or $695 in future years.

Dentistry & Dental Care: Is it Worth it?

Yes. People with Good Dentistry Live Longer. Dental Infections & Gum Disease People live shorter lives, with more pain & health problems.

A Smile increases your Face Value! An Apple a day means your Teeth are Strong (not an Apple iPad).

Dr. Lauren Friedman DDS will play her iPod music for you in our Dental Office.1-310-418-7788